Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Replant the Earth!

Replant the Earth!!!
Welcome to the Arid Arborist by Dew Harvest

This blog will be devoted to efforts to grow trees and other plants using a ingenious device called the Groasis Waterboxx.  The Waterboxx was developed in Holland by a man (Pieter Hoff) who wanted to replant the Earth with trees, scrubbing our air of carbon dioxide and stopping the seemingly unstoppable creep of the desert.  The author's goal is much more modest, namely to plant trees wisely using the Waterboxx and to document both our results and those of customers of Dew Harvest® LLC (where the Waterboxx is sold in the U.S.).  Living in the Midwest, we have seen the worst drought in anyone's memory the last 3 summers, which is deeply troublesome to us.  A large number (perhaps 10%) of the mature inner city trees have died from this drought, with almost all newly planted trees suffering and many dying. To us, the only option to deal with the consequences of this drought (if you want to prevent a descending spiral of dead trees leading to lack of shade and less humidity leading to worse heat leading to dead trees . . . ) is to plant trees the way nature intended with the Groasis Waterboxx.
The Waterboxx with an oak, grown from seed.  The oak has been planted in Northern Indiana with the Waterboxx and continues to grow.

Since the founding of Dew Harvest and launching of this blog, we have had great success growing trees (from dwarf pear trees to Giant Sequoia) to growing vegetables like pumpkins.  

The Groasis Waterboxx is deceptively simple looking, but relies on many natural principles.  These are explained in the video below.

Be the first in your area to start growing plants with the Groasis Waterboxx.  If you would like to learn more about the Waterboxx, read our other posts or visit the main Dew Harvest® website.  

You can see all our blog posts about planting trees with the Waterboxx here. We would love to hear your comments below - to leave one, please click on "Comments". 

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