Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Groasis Waterboxx Cost Calculator

This blog is dedicated to education about trees and the value of growing trees with the Groasis Waterboxx.  One of the objections people have to the Groasis Waterboxx is it's initial cost.  This cost must not be considered in isolation, however, as the traditional method of planting trees has many hidden costs as well.  Below you will find an spreadsheet where you can enter costs of traditional tree planting or tree planting with the Waterboxx.  The blue boxes require inputs (you can change the current values), red indicates the more expensive planting option, and green the more affordable option.  It must be remembered that this is a calculator only for the cost of planting the first year - and the Waterboxx can last for up to 10 years.  The same calculator, as well as much other information, can be found at our website, Dew Harvest.

From Groasis.com

As you can see above, the Groasis Waterboxx is frequently cheaper than traditional tree planting in the first year.  Be sure to look at your water bill, however, because the Waterboxx will allow you to conserve water as it is refilling from natural sources. We would love to hear your comments below - to leave one, please click on "Comments".

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