Sunday, June 8, 2014

How the Waterboxx Reduces Stress on the Plant

Land and home demand (and therefore price) on the coasts of the United States is generally higher than prices in the interior of the country. Partly this is due to the desire to be near the ocean for recreation, but mostly this is due to the more temperate climate on the coast.  Since water warms and cools much slower than air, coastal areas have much less variation in their temperature and humidity in their air.  This is desirable to people.

For example, Seattle, Washington at 47 degrees North latitude has a record low temperature of 11 degrees Fahrenheit and a record high of 96 degrees Fahrenheit.  Great Falls, Montana is also at 47 degrees North latitude but far away from the moderating influence of the ocean.  The record low temperature for Great Falls is -49 degrees Fahrenheit, while the record high is 107 degrees.  The recorded possible range for Seattle's temperature is 85 degrees Fahrenheit, while for Great Falls it is nearly twice that at 154 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is all due to the amazing ability of water to resist changes in temperature.  Due to its stable climate Seattle is known as a gardener's paradise, while Montana is famously harsh and difficult for agriculture.

Wouldn't it be wonderful for gardeners and tree planters if this ocean effect of moderating temperature could be captured on a much smaller scale when growing plants?  Then, plants wouldn't have to endure the huge stresses associated with rapid and severe swings in temperature.  Luckily, such a technology has been invented - and it is called the Groasis Waterboxx.

The Groasis Waterboxx is a self refilling water battery, storing water gathered from rain and dew in a reservoir, a type of doughnut with a central opening.  In this central opening the plant (tree or fruit or vegetable plant) is planted.  The plants roots slowly receive this water and it is replenished.  While the plant grows inside the Waterboxx, it is protected from rapid swings in temperature that would affect all plants outside the Waterboxx.  The results of temperature measurements both within and outside the Waterboxx are recorded in the video from Groasis below.

This decrease in temperature swings and decrease in overall temperature is also evident in the infrared images below.  Warmer areas are evident in brighter colors, while cooler are darker.  The Waterboxx does an excellent job cooling the soil immediately beneath it, decreasing stress of the plant.

From Groasis and Thermolab Investigation: Read Full Report Here

As you can see, the Waterboxx will lead to less temperature stress on the plant.  Also noted is the decreased change in humidity.  This, in combination with the consistent delivery of water to the roots of the plant, allows the plant to grow significantly faster.  In fact, the Waterboxx has allowed the author to establish two Sequoias in Indiana when all Sequoias previously planted had died due to winter cold or summer drought and heat.

The Groasis Waterboxx is literally a world changing invention, used all around the world.  It is now available in the United States from Dew Harvest.  Be the first in your area to begin growing plants with the Groasis Waterboxx.  Buy the Waterboxx here. We would love to hear your comments below - to leave one, please click on "Comments".

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