Thursday, July 10, 2014

Growing Dwarf Pear Trees (without watering) and with the Groasis Waterboxx

Last spring, the author bought and planted 4 bare root dwarf fruit trees purchased from Stark Brothers nursery (online).  The site for these trees was carefully selected to be in a full sun area at the bottom of a hill where water would reach them.  All of these trees are capable of growing well in the zone in which they were planted (Zone 6) After this first year, we were quite disappointed with the lack of significant growth of these trees, so we decided to add the Waterboxx to each of their bases.  The tree we will discuss here is a pear tree, the Custom 2-N-1 Pear Semi-Dwarf.   The tree pre-Waterboxx (in late winter) shown below looks very similar to the tree when was planted (showing the very minimal and disappointing growth first year).

The pear tree (before Waterboxx placement) on 2/22/14, approximately one year after planting
We had planted in spring a year before the above picture, and there was almost no growth.  Below you see the first leave growth with Waterboxx in place.

The pear on 4/27/14 after first bud break (it was a late Spring)
Within a few weeks the Waterboxx planted tree had acquired many leaves.  There is a small amount of new growth (seen by the light greenish yellow leaves at the top of the branches) below.
The growth three weeks later (5/18/14) is significant
The 5 weeks after the above photograph are when the Waterboxx really induced spectacular growth.  The tree increased in height ~50% in a little over a month.  Remember, we did not add any water to the base of the tree or to the Waterboxx.
The pear tree 5 weeks later (6/30/14) as almost doubled in height with the Waterboxx providing consistent water.
May 23, 2015 - The pear tree has outgrown the Waterboxx which has been removed.  You can see how much more growth the tree has undergone.  Because the Waterboxx releases water straight down into the soil, it induces the trees roots to also go straight down to deeper capillary water which will help it through drought.  

For those not familiar with the Waterboxx, it works in several ways, described in detail elsewhere on this site.  In essence, however, it is a self recharging "water battery".  It collects dew and rainwater from the environment, funnels this into the green basin using its lotus leaf inspired lid, and then slowly releases this water to the roots of the growing plant.  The plant's roots grow straight down within the Waterboxx induced water column until they reach deeper capillary water.  At this point (when the tree exhibits a growth spurt, the Waterboxx can be removed and replaced with mulch.  The deeply rooted tree is now resistant to any further drought as it now has this deep root which has access to ground capillary water. Be the first in your area to start growing plants with the Groasis Waterboxx.  Buy the Groasis Waterboxx here.

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If you would like to learn how to grow plants without watering with the Waterboxx, the best resource is the book The Waterboxx Gardener: How to Mimic Nature, Stop Watering, and Start Enjoying Your Garden available here on 

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