Thursday, July 10, 2014

Oak Progress with the Groasis Waterboxx

When visiting the main Dew Harvest® LLC website, the image that greets visitors on our explanatory page is a picture of very young but stately oak tree, grown from an acorn found by the author at a local college campus.  We had previously planted a young oak (grown from the same crop of acorns) outside only to see the tree eaten to a stump by rabbits.  We were determined not to let this happen again so after the photograph below was taken (with the oak still in a pot) we planted the tree in its final location in the country in northern Indiana.
Red Oak, grown from seed, May 2013

The oak has survived its first winter in northern Indiana quite well (and the winter of 2013-2014 here was the worst in decades) due to the insulating effect of the Waterboxx during temperature extremes.  The Waterboxx basin is of course self refilling from dew and rain water.  Here we see the Waterboxx planted oak after about one year of in ground growth and around 18 months of age.  As you can see, the canopy has more than doubled in size, and the tree is both healthy and robust.  The tree is also about three times as high. Of note, the tree did receive minor damage in a hail storm a few months before this photo was taken, but the Waterboxx survived without a scratch.
Red Oak, grown from Seed, July 2014

Because the Waterboxx can be left in place until the tree outgrows it.   One of the reasons the Waterboxx is so effective is because it allows the tree to be planted immediately in its final location.  The Oak's tap root have been induced to dive deep in search of capillary water, providing life sustaining water during drought.  The deep roots also prevent uprooting during storms.

May 9, 2015 - the Waterboxx will now be removed and the tree will survive on its own due to its deep Waterboxx induced roots.

The Groasis Waterboxx allows trees to be planted in a much more natural manner, as seen in the video below.

The Groasis Waterboxx can be used for 10 years and potentially up to 10 trees or other plants.  It has a 99% tree survival rate in even the harshest conditions (the Sahara) when used with two trees as recommended.  The Waterboxx allows you to grow trees very cheaply (from seed) or to grow bare root trees you can have shipped to you.  Be the first in your area to start growing plants with the Groasis Waterboxx.  The Waterboxx is available for purchase from our parent website.

We will continue to update this page with photos of the growing red oak, planted from seed and grown with the Groasis Waterboxx.

If you would like to learn how to grow plants without watering with the Waterboxx, the best resource is the book The Waterboxx Gardener: How to Mimic Nature, Stop Watering, and Start Enjoying Your Garden available here on 

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